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My name is Sibel Kantola and I am Kaarina based visual creator. I received my B.A. from University of Louisville in Graphic Design and minor in French.

My works are heavily influenced by colors, animals, imaginary worlds and also nature related lifeforms… I am specialized in colorful illustrations and paintings with mysterious stories and atmospheres. At the other hand I also like to illustrate actual existing places that is a building or a very detailed illustration of a bird or a landscape….

At the moment I am creating a new book that will be ready in the summer of 2022 and I am also creating some interesting birdhouses in collaboration with toinenluonto.fi.

My inspiration and creativity works usually hand in hand. I might get inspired from an abandoned frame, or from a story, or from a person, or  from a gest of kindness, or  from an unexpected message…..I like to keep my mind open to all sorts of new things and different opinions and opposite perspectives. I think this is how we can communicate and understand better. I always try and hope that I can introduce some of these visions into my works….

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Sibel Kantola

Chromophilia, “Veils”, 2021
Acrylic and shimmers on board

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